q = new Mongo.Collection('quotelist'); postList = new Mongo.Collection('quotes'); fruits = []; var a = ""; var cheerio = Meteor.npmRequire('cheerio'); var request = Meteor.npmRequire('request'); request('', Meteor.bindEnvironment(function() { for (i = 0; i < fruits.length; i++) { postList.insert({ quote: fruits[i] }); console.log(fruits[10]); } }), function(err, resp, body) { if (!err && resp.statusCode == 200) { $ = cheerio.load(body); a = $('.quoteText', '.quote').html(); $('.quoteText').each(function(i, elem) { fruits[i] = $(this).text(); }); console.log(fruits[10]); } }); 


  W20150602-15:57:50.046(5.5)? (STDERR) W20150602-15:57:50.047(5.5)? (STDERR) Error: Meteor code must always run within a Fiber. Try wrapping callbacks that you pass to non-Meteor libraries with Meteo r.bindEnvironment. W20150602-15:57:50.047(5.5)? (STDERR) at Object.Meteor._nodeCodeMustBeInFibe r (packages/meteor/dynamics_nodejs.js:9:1) W20150602-15:57:50.048(5.5)? (STDERR) at Object.Meteor.bindEnvironment (pack ages/meteor/dynamics_nodejs.js:85:1) W20150602-15:57:50.048(5.5)? (STDERR) at Request._callback (app\server\app.j s:22:24) W20150602-15:57:50.049(5.5)? (STDERR) at Request.self.callback (C:\Users\Abh ishek\new\.meteor\local\isopacks\npm-container\npm\node_modules\request\request. js:354:22) W20150602-15:57:50.050(5.5)? (STDERR) at Request.<anonymous> (C:\Users\Abhis hek\new\.meteor\local\isopacks\npm-container\npm\node_modules\request\request.js :1207:14) W20150602-15:57:50.050(5.5)? (STDERR) at Request.emit (events.js:117:20) W20150602-15:57:50.051(5.5)? (STDERR) at IncomingMessage.<anonymous> (C:\Use rs\Abhishek\new\.meteor\local\isopacks\npm-container\npm\node_modules\request\re quest.js:1153:12) W20150602-15:57:50.050(5.5)? (STDERR) at Request.emit (events.js:98:17) W20150602-15:57:50.053(5.5)? (STDERR) at IncomingMessage.emit (events.js:117 :20) W20150602-15:57:50.054(5.5)? (STDERR) at _stream_readable.js:944:16 **All I have to do, is get the data from cheerio and request and add it to a database so that I can iterate it and show it on the website `using {{each}}`**. 


 I20150602-16:54:49.715(5.5)? [TypeError: Object function request(uri, options, c allback) { I20150602-16:54:49.716(5.5)? if (typeof uri === 'undefined') { I20150602-16:54:49.716(5.5)? throw new Error('undefined is not a valid uri o r options object.') I20150602-16:54:49.716(5.5)? } I20150602-16:54:49.717(5.5)? I20150602-16:54:49.717(5.5)? var params = initParams(uri, options, callback) I20150602-16:54:49.718(5.5)? I20150602-16:54:49.718(5.5)? if (params.method === 'HEAD' && paramsHaveRequest Body(params)) { I20150602-16:54:49.718(5.5)? throw new Error('HTTP HEAD requests MUST NOT in clude a request body.') I20150602-16:54:49.719(5.5)? } I20150602-16:54:49.719(5.5)? I20150602-16:54:49.719(5.5)? return new request.Request(params) I20150602-16:54:49.720(5.5)? } has no method 'getSync'] => Meteor server restarted I20150602-16:55:44.529(5.5)? [TypeError: Object function request(uri, options, c allback) { I20150602-16:55:44.530(5.5)? if (typeof uri === 'undefined') { I20150602-16:55:44.530(5.5)? throw new Error('undefined is not a valid uri o r options object.') I20150602-16:55:44.531(5.5)? } I20150602-16:55:44.531(5.5)? I20150602-16:55:44.531(5.5)? var params = initParams(uri, options, callback) I20150602-16:55:44.532(5.5)? I20150602-16:55:44.532(5.5)? if (params.method === 'HEAD' && paramsHaveRequest Body(params)) { I20150602-16:55:44.533(5.5)? throw new Error('HTTP HEAD requests MUST NOT in clude a request body.') I20150602-16:55:44.533(5.5)? } I20150602-16:55:44.533(5.5)? I20150602-16:55:44.534(5.5)? return new request.Request(params) I20150602-16:55:44.534(5.5)? } has no method 'getSync'] => Meteor server restarted 


网上收集的解决方案 "meteor,NPM模块和光纤callback"

改用这个包: https : //


 try{ var response = request.getSync({ url: "" }); if(response.statusCode == 200){ console.log(response.body); } } catch(exception){ console.log(exception); } 


 request({ uri: '', method: 'HEAD' // or GET }, Meteor.bindEnvironment(function(err, res, body) { // do something here })